The Mr Movie News Podcast, a discussion show featuring the latest movie news, scoops, rumors and more about favorite movies which are yet to come, was originally created and hosted by Mr. Movie News Himself (Scott) and produced by The Other Tony G in 2006, during the initial height of the podcast craze, running several months and attracting a growing audience. It was placed on hiatus for a couple of years, but returned full steam from November 2010, also featuring the future hosts of what became the SMASHCUTS Podcast, (Rich, Dave, and Jackie).

The SMASHCUTS! podcast, which grew out of the Mr Movie News show, features lively discussions about just about everything we love to talk about! From Movies to TV to Comics to games. It was created by Rich as a separate companion show while the Mr. Movie News show went on hiatus in mid 2013, running exclusively on the feed throughout 2014 for approximately 20 episodes.

Back from hiatus, Mr. Movie News himself returned in December of 2014, along with original Cohost, The Other Tony G. for a new show based upon the original format. In addition, Scott also hosts a new show, 'Mr Movie News Reviews', in which he and his father,David, review some recent films they have seen. All three shows can be accessed here on Podbean, or at The Smashcuts Podcast moved to its own site in March 2015 ( , and can also be found on iTunes.

*It should be noted that Rich came up with the idea of the name of the show based up on how his conversations with friends would smash-cut into different ones, reflecting a movie term used in professional cinema. There is no intent to represent any past or future other show which may have a similar title.

**Additionally, all views expressed, whether on the show or presented via social media,bare the express opinions of the individual performers and are not to be misconstrued as representing the views of any, all, or other performers, or the show itself. This is particularly true for individual, external social media accounts. Any comments, actions, postings by any personal account of any cast member posted on social media represents only that person's view, and is not meant to be representative of any of the other individuals appearing on any of the programs.

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TheOtherTonyG March 2015